Rethink Church

Are you burned out on religion?

Maybe you have found that religion has not fully satisfied your desire for God and has only weighed you down physically, emotionally and spiritually. Fortunately Jesus taught that it is not about any religion, rather it is all about being in a right relationship with Him. (Jhn 8:24; 17:3, Matt 7:22-23)


The world is full of religion but Jesus promised if we would simply come to Him he would give us rest and satisfy our soul.(Matt 11:28-29, Rev 22:17) He alone is the solution (Jhn 10:10; 14:6) which is why we are not about religion, instead we are all about encouraging you into a growing relationship with God.


If you are looking for a real authentic relationship with God, we can help


We invite you to come as you are and hear what the Christian Gospel (1 Cor 15:1-7) is all about — see what God is doing right here in Utah County. You may never look at church the same way again.


A New Message Series

Be Bold, a study in the book of James

James was the younger brother of Jesus. James was a skeptic of Jesus but later became a faithful follower of Christ. James would become the leader of the Jerusalem church. His faith eventually cost him his life. Before he was martyred, James authored the book of James. It is considered the book of Proverbs for the New Testament. It is packed full of wisdom on how to live a godly life in a difficult world. Through his book, James shows us how we can live boldly for Christ just as the first century church stood for Jesus in difficult times. If you want to be encouraged to stand for Christ in difficult times, join us as we spend the next 8 weeks journeying through the book of James. LISTEN NOW

Come Visit Us

We are located at 310 E State St in Lehi, UT.

Gathering Times

Our main worship gathering is from 10:30-Noon on Sunday morning. Come as you are and experience an incredible time of worship. Children's church, and Nursery are available for (ages 0-11). Youth meets Wednesday (Age 12-18). See Groups for more details on all of our gatherings.



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